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What is CVL-Collections?

CVL-Collections is a program that uses the Omeka open source content management system to create and host an online digital repository for library, museum, and archive collections for small and less resourced cultural heritage organizations in order to facilitate participation in the Digital Public Library of America through the Plains to Peaks Collective. Colorado State Library staff will work with you to create an online database branded like your institutional website, and help you exhibit your digital collection.

What can be included:

  • Audio recordings
  • Video recordings
  • Written/printed documents
  • Transcripts
  • Photographs
  • Diaries
  • Personal narratives
  • Works of fiction
  • Art
  • Poetry

In addition to hosting your content management system, CVL-Collections provides project management for implementation, training, and ongoing support at no cost to your organization.

Any library or cultural heritage organization in the state of Colorado that has a collection that they would like to share online is eligible to participate in the CVL-Collections Program. If you are ready to share, or would like more information, contact Marisa Wood.

What is the Plains to Peaks Collective?

The Plains to Peaks Collective (PPC) is the Colorado and Wyoming Service Hub of theĀ Digital Public Library of America, or DPLA. The Plains to Peaks Collective helps libraries, archives, and museums share unique digital collections with a wider audience.
To learn more about the Plains to Peaks Collective, visit the website PPC.cvlsites.org.

What is the Digital Public Library of America?

The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) brings together (aggregates) descriptive information about collection material from libraries, archives, and museums, and makes it freely available to the world. Currently this national online portal has:

  • 33 million + collections resources from libraries, archives and museums
  • 40 hubs (and growing) that include 2,057 institutional partners from across the United States

DPLA Service Hubs, like the PPC, are state, regional, or other collaborations that host and/or bring together digital objects from institutions within their respective communities. Single institutions with substantial individual collections are also included in the Hubs Network.