CVL Collections Participation

Many Colorado libraries and cultural heritage organizations are able to participate in the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) via the Plains to Peaks Collective (PPC) because they have implemented a content management system (CMS) locally, or are part of a larger group such as the Marmot Digital Archive or the Mountain Scholar Digital Archive. CVL Collections was created for institutions that want to share their collections online and participate in the PPC, but don’t have the resources to support a CMS and are not part of a large consortium. We will help you publish your digital collections online using the Omeka CMS, and your digital objects will be included in the quarterly PPC harvests, and shared with the DPLA.

The illustration below can help you determine what path is right for your institution, but if you aren’t sure, or have questions, contact Amy Hitchner.

What Participation Model Works Best for Your Institution?