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Omeka is a free, open source content management system for online digital collections. Unlike a traditional website, Omeka is specifically designed to store and display digital items and their metadata. Omeka can also automatically share your metadata with the Plains to Peaks Collective so that your digital collections are searchable in the Digital Public Library of America.

CVL Collections participants use Omeka to create collections of digital items, and if they choose, to create online exhibits. Any item, collection, or exhibit that you make public can be viewed on any device using a web browser.

Omeka Documentation & Training Resources

The CVL Collections: Omeka Training Manual is a good place to start if you are new to the CVL Collections program or to Omeka, or you just need a refresher.

The Omeka Classic User Manual has excellent information and step-­by-­step instructions to help
you manage your site and your digital content. Here are some of the sections that you might find useful:

  • Items — The building blocks of your collection. Items can be added one-­by-­one or
    uploaded from a CSV file.
  • Files — Images, sound recordings, and other digital files that can be associated with
    your Items.
  • Collections — Groupings of items. An Item can only exist in one Collection, but a
    Collection can have multiple Items.
  • Exhibits — Themed pages that display select items along with narrative text.