Support & Open Office Hours Recordings

By participating in CVL Collections, you have access to ad-hoc support via email, phone, and video conference with screen sharing. Additionally, in the past we have offered Open Office Hours as a discussion forum for digital collections, the Omeka platform, and CVL Collections and PPC activity. Each event also featured a bite-sized presentation on a special topic.

Past sessions are archived below:

March 4, 2020 (Featured Topic: Omeka, Google Analytics, and You) – [Marisa Wood]

June 3, 2020 (Featured Topic: Bulk Edits in Omeka) – [Marisa Wood]

September 2, 2020 (Featured Topic: Omeka Customizations & CSS Basics) – [Marisa Wood]

December 2, 2020 (Featured Topic: DPLA/Wikimedia Partnership) – [Marisa Wood]

March 3, 2021 (Featured Topic: CSV Import in Omeka) – [Marisa Wood]

June 2, 2021 (Featured Topic: Adding PPC Content to Wikipedia Articles) – [Marisa Wood]

September 1, 2021 (Featured Topic: Introduction to Inclusive Description) – [Marisa Wood]

March 2, 2022 (Topic: Rights Statements vs. Creative Commons Licenses) – [Amy Hitchner]