While not every aspect of digitization is free, participating in CVL-Collections and becoming a PPC partner is! For organizations with larger collections, we also offer the following cost sharing options for additional storage.

CVL-Collections Storage Costs

Through the CVL-Collection program, the CSL offers four tiers of digital storage for content housed in your hosted (Omeka) CMS.

  • Free:  up to 2 GB storage  
  • $25/yr up to 5 GB storage
  • $35/yr up to 10 GB storage
  • $50/yr up to 20 GB storage  

Because CVL-Collections is intended to help smaller libraries and cultural heritage organizations get their digital collections online, storage options over 20GB are not currently supported. For a collection of this size, it is more cost effective for an institution to obtain their own cloud server, rather than go through the CSL. If a library or cultural heritage organizations outgrows the CVL-Collections program by hitting this upper storage limit, the CSL will assist in the migration of the Omeka site to a new server and create any necessary redirects to ensure that resource URIs are stable.