CVL Collections Storage Costs

While not every aspect of digitization is free, participating in CVL Collections and becoming a PPC partner is! In addition to hosting and maintaining your site for free, we also offer a free storage tier perfect for most small- to mid-sized collections, and very reasonable costs beyond that. Depending on the size of your digital collection, you may never need to pay a cent!

As of June 1, 2023, we offer up to 10GB of free storage for content housed in your hosted Omeka content management system. That’s plenty of room for several thousand jpg photos. Most small- to mid-sized collections will never exceed that amount. However, for larger collections we offer reasonable annual pricing:

  • 10-15GB, $50/year
  • 15-35GB, $100/year
  • over 35GB, $200/year

If you exceed the 10GB free tier, the month after doing so you will receive a notice with cost information followed by an invoice. For example, if you exceed 10GB in April, you will receive a notice in May and an invoice for the period of June 1 – May 31. Billing will be reevaluated annually based on your storage amount.